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 Financial Accounting

Basic Accounting:-
. Introduction to Accounts/ Basic Principles of Accounting
. Generation of Transactions / Vouchers
. Manual Accounting Entries of Transactions
. Ledger Posting and Balancing of Ledgers
. Preparation of Trial Balance
. Finalization of Accounts (Profit & Loss A/c. and Balance Sheet)

Basic Tally:-
. Creation of Company
. Setting up F-11/F12 Features
. Alteration / Creation of Required Voucher Types, Setting up Voucher Numbering Pattern, etc.
. Creation of Required Accounting Groups
. Creation of Ledger Masters
. Creation of Inventory Groups and Items
. Accounting Entries and Inventory Entries
. Ledger and Group Reports
. Trial Balance and Profit & Loss A/c. & Balance Sheet

Advanced Tally:-
. Generation of Various existing Accounting MIS Reports
. Generation of Various existing Inventory MIS Reports
. Inventory Movement Analysis
. Exceptional Reports

Statutory Features:-
. Creation of VAT & CST Ledgers (as per Tally's requirement)
. Setting up of VAT & CST Classes in Sales Voucher Type for auto Calculation of VAT(if required)
. Accounting Entries for VAT & CST
. Generation of VAT & CST Reports & Forms

Service Tax:
. Creation of Service Tax Ledgers (as per Tally's requirement)
. Accounting Entries for Service Tax
. Generation of Service Tax Reports, ST3 Challan, Input Credit Form, etc.

. Creation of TDS Ledgers (as per Tally's requirement)
. Accounting Entries for TDS/ Printing of TDS Challan
. Challan Reconciliation/ Generation of TDS Computation Chart
. TDS Outstanding Report / Generation of Form 16 (TDS Certificate)
. Generation of eTDS Report for filing of Returns

. Creation of TCS Ledgers (as per Tally's requirement)
. Accounting Entries for TCS/ Generation of TCS Reports

Payroll Masters:-
. Creation of Pay Heads/ Creation of Unit of Measurement
. Creation of Employee's Master/ Creation of Salary Base for individual Employees
. Creation of Attendance Types

Payroll Vouchers:-
. Entries in Attendance Voucher
. Entries in Payroll Vouchers
. Entry of Salary Payment

Payroll Reports:-
. Generation of Pay slips
. Generation of Attendance Registers
. Generation of Bank Advice
. Generation of Expat Reports
. Generation of Other MIS Reports for Payrol


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