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Course Contents A+


Topic A: About the manual
Topic B: Setting your expectations
Topic C: Reviewing the course

Power Systems
Topic A: Power supplies
Topic B: Power-conditioning and management
Topic C: Power supply troubleshooting
Unit summary: Power Systems

CPUs and Motherboards
Topic A: CPU and motherboard installation
Topic B: Motherboard troubleshooting
Unit summary: CPUs and Motherboards

Memory Systems
Topic A: RAM installation
Topic B: Memory troubleshooting
Unit summary: Memory Systems

Expansion Cards
Topic A: Host system interaction
Topic B: Expansion card installation
Topic C: Laptop expansion device installation
Topic D: Legacy device installation
Topic E: Expansion card troubleshooting
Unit summary: Expansion Cards

Data Storage Devices Topic
A: Hard drives Topic
B: Optical drives Topic
C: Removable storage devices Topic
D: Tape drives and backup systems Topic
E: Storage device troubleshooting
Unit summary: Data Storage Devices

Ports, Connectors and Cables
Topic A: Serial and parallel ports, cables and
Topic B: Keyboards and pointing devices
Topic C: USB ports, cables and connectors
Topic D: IEEE 1394 ports, cables and connectors
Topic E: Infrared and Bluetooth wireless ports.
Topic F: Multimedia ports, cables and connectors
Topic G: Port, cable and connector troubleshooting
Unit summary: Ports, Connectors and Cables

Printers and Scanners
Topic A: Printing technologies
Topic B: Printers
Topic C: Scanners Unit summary: Printers and Scanners

Display Devices
Topic A: Monitors
Topic B: Troubleshooting and maintaining display devices 24HUnit summary: Display Devices

Portable Computers and Devices
Topic A: Communication connections
Topic B: Component replacement
Topic C: Portable computer power sources Unit summary: Portable Computers and Devices

Operating System Management
Topic A: Directory and file management
Topic B: System management
Topic C: The Registry Unit summary: Operating System Management

OS Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Topic A: Operating system maintenance
Topic B: Operating system troubleshooting
Unit summary: OS Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Topic A: Networking configuration
Topic B: Resource sharing
Unit summary: Networking

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