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Course C o n t e n t s A+


Internet Connections
Topic A: Internet connectivity
Topic B: Network protection
Unit summary: Internet Connections

Network Troubleshooting
Topic A: Network problem resolution
Unit summary: Network Troubleshooting

Topic A: Local security
Topic B: Auditing and logging
Topic C: The human aspects of security
Unit summary: Security

Maintaining the PC Environment
Topic A: Safety and hazards
Topic B: Professionalism
Topic C: Troubleshooting and maintaining PCs
Unit summary: Maintaining the PC Environment

Course Summary
Topic A: Course summary

Topic A: About the manual
Topic B: Setting your expectations
Topic C: Reviewing the course

Getting Started with PC Hardware Support
Topic A: Computer components overview
Topic B: Hardware, software and firmware
Topic C: Troubleshooting models
Unit summary: Getting Started with PC Hardware Support

Operating Systems
Topic A: Operating system fundamentals
Topic B: Directory and file management
Unit summary: Operating Systems

Electricity and Power Supplies
Topic A: Electrical safety
Topic B: Power supplies
Topic C: Power supply troubleshooting
Unit summary: Electricity and Power Supplies

CPUs and Motherboards
Topic A: Central Processing Units (CPUs)
Topic B: Packaging, slots and cooling techniques
Topic C: Motherboards and system cases
Topic D: Motherboard troubleshooting
Unit summary: CPUs and Motherboards

Basic Input/Output System
Topic A: BIOS and CMOS
Topic B: The POST process
Topic C: BIOS and POST troubleshooting
Unit summary: Basic Input/Output System

Memory Systems
Topic A: Memory
Topic B: Memory packaging
Topic C: Memory troubleshooting
Unit summary: Memory Systems

Bus Structures
Topic A: Buses
Topic B: Host system interaction
Topic C: The PCI bus
Topic D: Video buses
Unit summary: Bus Structures

Expansion Cards
Topic A: Drive adapters
Topic B: Video cards
Topic C: Sound cards
Topic D: Internal modems
Topic E: Expansion card troubleshooting
Unit summary: Expansion Cards

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