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Macromedia Flash MX

Fast Track to Macromedia Flash MX is designed to teach a wide spectrum of software professionals how to design and deliver cross-platform, low-bandwidth animations, presentations, and Web applications using Macromedia Flash MX. It is a task-based course, with students learning by doing. Along with covering the basics of Macromedia Flash MX, the course focuses on best practices and design, stressing the importance of usability, accessibility, optimization, and performance.

Course Outline Flash

Unit 1: Learning the Basics
Introduction to Macromedia Flash MX
The Macromedia Flash MX interface
Creating a new Macromedia Flash MX document
Developing in Macromedia Flash MX

Unit 2: Creating Simple Graphics and Text
Using graphics
Importing graphics
Using text

Unit 3: Adding Simple Animation
Working with symbols, libraries, and instances
Creating frame-by-frame animation
Motion tweening
Using motion guides
Shape tweening
Adding stop actions

Unit 4: Using Symbols and Libraries
Graphic symbols
Button symbols
Movie clip symbols
The structure of a Macromedia Flash MX document
Working with libraries

Unit 5: Enhancing Functionality Using Actions and ActionScript
Using ActionScript
Creating interactive buttons
Linking to a URL.

Unit 6: Creating Compact Movies
Using the Load Movie action to create more efficient documents
Using shared libraries to create smaller Macromedia Flash MX documents

Unit 7: Adding Sound and Video
Adding sound
Modifying the sound level
Adding video
Using Components
The Bandwidth Profiler

Unit 8: Publishing
Factors to consider before publishing
Techniques for optimizing movies

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